MEG is the Leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Glass Containers in the MENA Region

MEG in a Snapshot

As a leading glass containers manufacturer,
we create beautiful glass containers for many of the best-loved brands. MEG demonstrates a strong track record of successful acquisitions, which played an important role in driving value creation and boosting its financial and operational performance.

    MEG was established in 1979 as the first privately owned glass manufacturer in the Egyptian market. MEG started as a manufacturing facility dedicated for supplying the local market demands of the Carbonated Soft drinks, in Egypt. It has over 30 years of experience. MEG is listed in the Egyptian Stock Exchange.
    With our 6 furnaces, 17 production lines across 3 locations in Egypt and 10 decorating machines, we have a total capacity of 1,050 TPD. Our manufacturing operations are located in Nasr City, Sadat City and Mostorod. We possess the biggest decoration capacity in the MENA region and our glass bottles are offered in 3 colours: Flint, Amber and Green all year round. Our export capacity reaches more than 50% of our production


  • Strengthening MEG position as MENA market leader by providing higher quality, capacity & flexible product range.
  • Build our team capabilities to become a “Talent Factory” and the Employer of Choice in the glass industry.

To strengthen our position as the leading Glass Container manufacturer in the MENA region, renowned for its quality, innovation, customer service and human capital, servicing primary packaging needs of strategic customers around the world.


• We are continuously moving forward and improving by being passionate about what we do.
• We show empathy and build relations by energizing and inspiring one another.

• We are committed to honesty, integrity, respect for others and leading by example.
• We are mindful of our responsibility towards society and the environment.
• We constantly endeavor to increase our proficiency in all areas.
• We are committed to excellence in everything we do.

• We value our solid relationship with our customers.
• We are dedicated to being reliable and loyal to all our stakeholders

Team Spirit
• We promote full cooperation and initiatives.
• We believe our strength lies in our unity and collaboration.