Why Glass?

For over three millennia, glass has been the leading material used to package and preserve food and beverages, not only due to its aesthetic properties, but also due to environmental and health reasons.
Some of the reasons why both our clients, and their end-market consumers, are choosing our glass:

Environmental Benefits

Glass containers can be recycled to manufacture new products several times. Without any drop in quality or the creation of waste by-products, thus alleviating pressures on already overburdened landfill sites.

Preserving Taste

Glass is a 100% natural product making it the safest container in order to maintain the quality of the product; the taste, and freshness. Food and beverages are stored in glass: purity of taste.


Food and beverages sealed in glass containers are physically immune from either accidental or deliberate contamination. It is composed of all-natural raw materials, it is a safe and healthy choice for food and beverage brands since it is chemically inert.
Glass doesn't interact with the products it houses, so it does not require a protective coating.


Glass is made from naturally abundant materials, including sand, limestone, and soda ash and it can last for decades. It is always a safe choice to use for packaging products. And, you do not have to worry about chemicals and contaminants.


Glass can be molded into virtually any shape, and decorated in innumerable ways, giving glass containers greater visibility and shelf-appeal. Glass packaging has the ability to meet even the most stringent requirements from pharmaceuticals to food. Glass impervious nature also makes it difficult to tamper with the package contents, thereby protecting the product and preserving its shelf life.